Monday, October 22, 2007

Media and Notes

Motel – on highway next to truckstop, halfway to San Francisco and LA

Retired Cop
  • Motive - Bartender slept with his wife

  • Personality – Grizzled, pissed off, swears often, and still carries a gun. Possibly racist

  • Background – Cop for whole life. Fired for police brutality after losing partner. Really loves wife but she has been missing ever since an argument last week.

  • Motive – Bartender caught him messing with the accounting and stealing money.

  • Personality – Friendly, clean-cut, respectful, and smart.

  • Background – Ivy League business education and pissed off he's at a shitty hotel and small town. Originally from New York. Has stolen $100,000 over the course of ten years. Ready to skip town with the money really soon.

  • Motive – Traveling cross country to get a good story for his next book. A murder would be great and something his publisher would love.

  • Personality – Nervous, reclusive, talks to himself, with odd comments.

  • Background – Was a big writer five years ago but book sequels failed so he has a lot of pressure to create the next hit. He is brilliant yet eccentric.

  • Motive – Owes the Bartender a lot of money after she made a lot of bets with him.

  • Personality – Busy, talks fast, ADDish, easily irritated, good cook/maid

  • Background – Used to be a big chef in Las Vegas but became addicted to gambling and lost her job and reputation. Nobody wanted her because of reputation. She ran out of gas and money on the road one day and has been stuck at the motel ever since.

  • Faked death to runaway from the other people who would potentially harm him.

  • Personality – Charmer, talkative, friendly, seems trust-worthy, good listener

  • Background – Local resident, aspires for higher living in the big city. Dreams or working at a big fancy hotel as a bartender. Fears for his life because of what he's done or what he knows. He regrets it but he plans on running it like his conman father.

Here are the images of the game so far and many of the concept diagrams for the game.

Play the current work in progress of the game.

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