Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Rashomon Effect is built upon Macromedia's Flash 8 platform. The game and each of it's scenarios are split into seperate *.swf files which are loaded into the HUD.swf which is the part of the game that is always visible to the player. The HUD holds the scenarios while keeping track of what has happened in the game. Saving functions might be allowed later on but would require the usage of cookies.

The HUD.swf knows which file to load and reads in character dialog from an XML file. Loading in XML data into flash is a very simple function and allows me to build the game into a fairly complex manner.

All of the images for the backgrounds and items are all real world items photographed by my friend Chris Brown. The images were then filtered within Photoshop to try and give them at comicbook feel as in the game Max Payne.

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